Mara Delrose


The use of sensuality as a form of self-expression has become commonplace in today's smartphone possessed generation which has rightfully been accused of being overly narcissistic and too self-conscious, however, buried within the ocean of meaningless selfies and vainglorious ass shots justified as #bodygoals there are a few individuals who are actually using their bodies to make powerful statements that can inspire us all to higher consciousness. In previous generations, modesty was prized as an ideal trait to identify a virtuous woman while nudity was regarded as taboo because of its suggestiveness of promiscuity but perspectives have radically shifted over the past few years. Women are now reclaiming power over their bodies from the male gaze and refusing to be objectified as agents of lust by liberating their appearance from traditional patriarchal ideals. The big difference between these type of women and the rest is that they aren't doing it to keep up with the Kardashians in order to gain attention for enhancing their popularity.

Mara Delrose is a French Canadian bombshell of partial Moroccan heritage who is based in L.A. and creating a new artistic niche of surreal body art to inspire conscious awakening. She is a polymathic creative with a diverse repertoire that includes poetry, drawing, photography, modeling, art direction and visual storytelling. Best of all, she is a free-spirited vegan and has an intense passion for capturing the raw emotions of life through profound imagery in nature that can provoke the strongest of desires to escape the excesses of our modern realities.

- Has your veganism inspired your art in any way, shape or form?

My body is the instrument that gives me the chance to create, by respecting the instrument that nature given to me, being vegan definitely shape my art, it’s in my veins, it’s in my eyes, it’s in every stroke I make.


- Where do you draw your inspiration from?  

I believe in miracles and every art piece is an ephemeral miracle, I try to not get inspired, which is excessively difficult in this generation with Instagram.  I grew up without a phone and television so I usually open a Da Vinci drawing book and practice. In my eyes the mind and influence are inestimable.


- Your biggest icon or role model if you have one or many?

 Sweetest man, Michael Jackson


- The most important message or statement that you want others to take away from your work?



- Your favorite song?

Ngempela  by Sjava, DJ Maphorisa