What Are Chemtrails? - The Toxic Warfare in the Sky

What Are Chemtrails? - The Toxic Warfare in the Sky

You wake up perhaps a little earlier than the rest of the crowd. A little sleepy yet ready for the day. Coffee, that morning savior about to be addictively consumed. You casually look up at the sky, what a lovely day this is going to be, you think as you observe that promising clear blue. You inhale the crisp morning air and smile. This piece of utopia is shattered as you frantically rush to get ready. Car keys, check, wallet, check, shoes, check, and so on. You methodically grab all the bits you need as you worry about being late. You hurriedly lock your door and off you go. Then maybe in an hour, maybe after a few hours, you look back up at the sky. There they are. Streaks of white cloud-like lines crossing that pristine blue that once was. Anyone who has seen it once has seen it a million times by now. From thin strips, you know that they will expand and fill out the sky. Yet, we are asked to not believe our very own eyes. So, what are chemtrails?

Chemtrails or Contrails?

What Are Chemtrails? - The Toxic Warfare in the Sky

Even though the evidence is right before our eyes we push it away. Often when we ask, what are chemtrails, we are told about contrails. Contrails (condensation trails) are easy to identify. We don’t need a degree in science, but we will need to use a key tool of scientific investigation: observation.

One question: Do the trails from the airplane fade away? Yes? Then they are contrails. No? They spread out and expand for a long time? Then they are chemtrails (chemical trails).

Condensation is a natural phenomenon that we can all observe in cold weather when we breathe out. Imagine your surprise if your winter breath grew and grew and followed you around for hours. So if they’re not contrails, then what are chemtrails?

What Are Chemtrails? - The Toxic Warfare in the Sky

What We Know

We know that aluminum is very rarely found in nature in an unbonded form and yet over the years scientists have been finding large doses of nano aluminum where before, there were zero traces of the element. These types of findings have led many scientists to believe that we are indeed being sprayed with some sort of toxic mixture.

Francis Mangles, a biologist, has recorded the increase in aluminum in the environment. He asks, how is it that the snow on pristine Mt Shasta has 4 times the aluminum that is found in the soil? Where is this coming from if not from the soil? What are chemtrails doing to us?

What Are Chemtrails? - The Toxic Warfare in the Sky

Besides aluminum, independent researchers have shown that there is an increase in many toxins in places where this cannot be explained. Toxins include barium, nickel, cadmium, chromium, and radioactive thorium.

What Are Chemtrails? - The Toxic Warfare in the Sky

There can be no denying the increase in neurological disorders. So many of the prevalent neurological disorders that doctors are seeing a dramatic rise in are known to be linked to toxic metals. Aluminum, a well-known neurotoxin, has been directly linked to causing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD and Autism.  One study conducted on 503 autistic patients found abnormally high levels of toxic metals in their blood.

Besides the negative effects on human health, this is having a devastating effect on the ecosystem. Aluminum makes soil infertile. This was outlined in an indie documentary, titled ‘What in the World are they Spraying?’. While the public remains unaware of this problem seed corporations conveniently already have their GM aluminum resistant seed patents ready, of course.

Geoengineering is a term that has become quite prevalent during the past couple of years. Weather modification, while sounding far-fetched, is an established fact and has been around for a long time. Patent US 5003186 A, is a technology that will seed the sky to combat global warming. How? By spraying from airplanes highly reflective metallic particles such as aluminum and thorium.

“One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.”

What Are Chemtrails? - The Toxic Warfare in the Sky

There is no doubt that many who participate in the technical side of chemtrails believe that they are doing it to save the earth from a certain disaster (supposedly to mitigate global warming). The Guardian chronicled a report released by the British Ministry of Defense which clearly admitted that millions of British people had been sprayed with bacteria in biological warfare testing. The article was written in 2002 and the covert government operations ran, according to the report, from 1940 to 1979. Sue Ellison, a spokesperson for Porton Down, a British Military science facility involved in the covert chemical dropping exercises, when questioned on the possible ill effects this might have caused responded: "The results from these trails will save lives…"

Time and again we are given assurances that governments actions are done for the greater good of the public. Even when admittedly in the report released by the British MoD they sprayed large quantities of zinc cadmium sulfide from the north of England down to the south and west coasts. To this day any suggestion of this causing possible harm to citizens is dismissed, even though cadmium is known to cause health problems such as kidney failure as well as lung and bone disease.

Examples of governments exposing their citizens to harmful substances is all around. Take for example vaccinations, which are laden with toxic metals known to be detrimental to human health. Infants in the United States received 17 shots full of aluminum and other harmful substances. The number of vaccinations infants are required to have has quadrupled in the past 40 years. Yet we are persecuted when we ask what are chemtrails?

Breaking Through

When I was a graduate student I decided to conduct my research thesis on the reasoning behind highly educated people rejecting conspiracy theory. My question was simple enough. Did more highly educated people base their belief or disbelief of a given conspiracy on logical reasoning or was it part of a psychological phenomenon known as groupthink? People desire harmony and consensus. This, in turn, leads members of a social group to adapt ideas without critical thinking on alternative viewpoints.

After conducting many interviews with graduate students from various disciplines the results really struck me. The only people who gave any semblance of logical reasoning to justify their beliefs were the few who believed in a conspiracy theory. Those who did not simply gave their reasoned belief with statements such as: "they would never do that to us".

As humans, we need a certain amount of assumed normality to function in society. The more attached we are to society the harder it is to question issues that would drastically alter our perception of that reality. Hence, we get the sort of nervous laughter and immediate dismissal from so many in regard to controversial topics.

There have been a few celebrities who have come out to ask what are chemtrails. Prince spoke about them in an interview. Of course when the interview was re aired after his death, that bit was edited out.

Kylie Jenner is a great example of what a celebrity faces should they question the accepted narrative. Kylie sent a tweet asking questions about chemtrails. The backlash that resulted was massive. The Verge, Buzzfeed, TYT, and USA Today are only a few mainstream media outlets that ran hit pieces literally mocking her. They offered zero evidence or logical argument, just contempt.

“We're hoping this is all a joke because Kylie is right - the scary concept of chemtrails could easily hook her younger fans, and that's scary.” - USA Today

Meanwhile, YouTube is, directly and indirectly, censoring alternative content. They claim to be fighting extremism. Yet many popular conservative commentators have had their videos democratized or made forcibly private. Even professors are having their channels taken down. There is a purge happening on the internet of alternative speakers and ideas. They plan to implement a new algorithm that will divert people searching for conspiracy topics to approved debunking videos instead.

Whilst researching for this paper a google search of research relating to chemtrails turned up results about how chemtrails have been completely debunked. Yet, put in the same keywords into a different search engine and more illuminating information is retrieved. The truth is that there are very few peer reviewed papers about geoengineering and the effects on human life. Such research proposals would certainly have difficulty getting funding.

Marvin Herndon, a geophysicist has had his peer reviewed paper retracted where he lays out evidence for the dumping of substances by tanker jets in the atmosphere. While the notes on why his paper was retracted do not deny the existence of aluminum, barium, and more in the atmosphere they simply point out that their source is unknown. He has been under fierce criticism and yet he stands by his results.

When we look back on moments of great social change there is always that one person who sparked the flame of progress forward. One small act can have a massive effect. Simply speaking, learning, and sharing can set off a domino effect that can change EVERYTHING. This is the truth that the powers that be find truly scary.