Exclusive Interview with Julian Prolman, Founder of Ministry of Tomorrow

We caught up with Julian Prolman, founder of the revolutionary cruelty-free couture fashion house Ministry of Tomorrow, to discuss the history, heart, and vision behind the brand and find out just what he has to say to the fashion industry as a whole.

Founding a movement for sustainable change in a multi-trillion dollar industry doesn’t just happen overnight, people. But it IS happening. Hold onto your pearls.

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Tom 'The Don' Draper
Nairobi Is the New Milan: Testimonies from the Fashion Hotbed

We asked our MOT family at our factory in Nairobi, the very people responsible for hand-crafting our high-fashion cruelty-free products, to share their stories of how working with Ministry of Tomorrow and making these bags has impacted their lives, dreams, pride, career paths, and families.

These are the faces behind the brand. To honor them, we’ll be sharing their stories. Welcome to revolution

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Julian Prolman