Kat Von D #Veganalert Makeup.

We are artists, poets, and lovers. We are the outsiders and the insiders. We are Kat Von D Beauty.’

Alerting all vegans (and non-vegans of course). As if this tattooed beauty wasn't awesome enough, she's only decided to give her current make-up collection a full transformation, and is in the process of ensuring a completely cruelty-free and vegan collection, '#veganalert.'

Most commonly known for her work as a tattoo artist on the show LA Ink, Kat Von D has become a huge advocate for the animals over the last couple of years and is continuously inspiring people with her commitment to animal rights. She has made it her aim in life to speak up for the rights of all living beings. She even received the Compassion in Action Award at Farm Sanctuary's 30th Anniversary Gala, in Los Angeles towards the end of last year.

  Kat Von D at  Farm Sanctuary  in November 2016 celebrating turkeys as #friendsnotfood (credit: farm sanctuary)

Kat Von D at Farm Sanctuary in November 2016 celebrating turkeys as #friendsnotfood (credit: farm sanctuary)

Although having been vegan for 5 years, she only came out to the public about it 2 years ago. She initially turned vegan (after being vegetarian for years) after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives. It was then she realized how detrimental meat and dairy foods were to our planet, health, and of course the animals.

When she first turned vegan, however, she thought it was just about diet, and although her makeup range has always been cruelty-free, not all her products were vegan. The confusion between cruelty-free and vegan arises often. Cruelty-free means that the products are not tested on animals. Vegan means that there are no animal ingredients within the product. Hard to believe, I know, but animal-derived ingredients like beeswax is sometimes used in lip products, mascaras, and foundations, and carmine, which is from beetle wings, can be used for coloring.

  (Credit: Kat Von D Beauty)

(Credit: Kat Von D Beauty)

Although she launched a clothing line in 2011, I think it's safe to say that her makeup range has taken the world by storm. It was in the year 2008 when Sephora approached her. They loved her unique style and asked the artistic animal lover to create her own make-up collection for them. This was her initial make-up line, and 8 years later it is still one of Sephora's best-selling brands. Her initial goal was to create the four most perfect shades of red lipstick; however, her collection has expanded yearly, and now even includes fragrances too.

She wasn't vegan when her collection was first created, so she didn't really think about what ingredients were going into her products. However, what with now living a vegan lifestyle, it seemed hypocritical that she would be selling products which were not vegan. It made complete sense that she would reformulate her entire beauty line to eliminate unnecessary animal ingredients, and that is what she spent most of the last year focusing on. She found out quite a few of her products contained carmine, so her plan is to change all products with this ingredient and throw out whichever ones cannot be changed, "I can live without a purple eyeshadow, it's fine."

In a recent interview, she said, "yes, it did cost money to make the change – but is it worth paying money to eliminate animal exploitation? Absolutely." – one of the many reasons why we love her.

From her everlasting liquid lipsticks to powerfully pigmented shadows, it was only inevitable that this range was going to be a hit in the UK, as well as in America. The collection launched in the UK, in Debenhams stores across the country, only in September last year.

Her products will not be able to be sold in China due to their animal testing regulation. Her response to this was "if it spares an innocent animal from a life of torture, that is completely worth it in my book." We certainly agree.

She has been creatively involved in all aspects of her makeup range, from the colors of the products to the packaging. Treating the designs on the packaging like a tattoo, she draws each one up to fit around the individual product.

With such a personal touch to her range, it was only right that the product names would be personal too. Her two studded kiss lipsticks are named after two of her sphynx cats, Poe and Piaf, and she has an ink liner with the same name as her most recent rescue, Nietzsche, Sphynx cat number 3.

The metallic amber Lightning Liner in Ludwig is named after Beethoven. From a young age, Kat Von D has played piano and Beethoven is one of her favorite composers. Her personal style is individual, yet fabulous, and she completely rocks it, so we were glad to see that her makeup line continued to revel in her individuality.

This makeup mogul's obvious love for animals inspired her to create Limited-Edition products which with every sale made, money would be donated towards wonderful animal rescue organizations. With every one of her Five Fearless Years Limited-Edition Tattoo liner sold, $1 is donated to the California Wildlife Center, a non-profit organization which rescues and rehabilitates sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife. Over the summer last year, she released a Limited-Edition lipstick named Project Chimps, in which she planned for 20% of the sales to be donated to Project Chimps, an organization dedicated to providing care for retired research chimpanzees. It has been speculated that last year, this lipstick raised $236,000 for the sanctuary. According to Kat, this money will accommodate 300 testing lab chimps in safe havens and allow them to live happy and comfortable lives, which they deserve.

This remarkable woman is not only a positive influence for the animals but for her fans too. After quitting school at 16 to follow her dream of becoming a tattoo artist, she starred in LA Ink and Miami Ink, released her own books, opened her own gallery, and now owns her own makeup range. She also gave up alcohol 10 years ago and is now completely sober, after years of drinking to help cope with stress. Although being a hugely successful celebrity, we love that she uses her fame to raise money and awareness for animal rights.

"When I became vegan 5 years ago, it was truly eye opening. I think it's all about perspective, really. Years of cultural programming have taught us to love some animals while eating others, when in all reality, all animals are sentient beings with the capacity to feel, both physically and emotionally. Every day, I have the choice to live a life of compassion that not only saves animals but helps the environment. So, what's so wrong about doing the right thing?"

Her change to vegan products was mainly down to her vegan lifestyle choice, and she has also used this whole collection transformation as an opportunity to show makeup lovers that good beauty products can be cruelty-free. She also wants to show other makeup brands that these changes are hugely important and are realistic and profitable at the same time.

"There is no point in developing anything at the cost of exploiting and abusing animals. Not only is it important for me to create a 100% cruelty-free brand, but also send out a very clear message to both consumers and companies out there: testing on animals in the name of beauty is cruel and unnecessary."

Most of her sought-after collection is now vegan, and there is a section on her website which lists all the finished products. This includes the likes of her famous, favorite liquid liner, her Lock-It foundation, in which the coverage is so good, it even covers tattoos, and of course, the everlasting lipstick which pretty much does what it says, and lasts forever. It won't be long before all her products are free from animal products, and it may very well be the biggest all-vegan makeup line to date. With her pro-active awareness and passionate plea to end animal testing, we stand by Kat Von D 100% of the way. Her brand has already been such a success with makeup lovers, and we believe that this change is only likely to increase that. We applaud her decision to go fully vegan, and to stand by not only what she believes in, but also what is right. This is certainly a step in the right direction, and we hope that it encourages other brands to follow suit.