Ormus - The Original Food Of The Gods


Humans have been searching for purpose since the origin of our species. Generation after generation has gone about this search in different ways and have had conflicting ideas around how to answer the central question: “Why are we here?”. Almost all roads, however, lead to a similar state of enlightenment, perfection, or something close to divinity. The details of this state, like the way to get there, have also taken many forms across different world traditions, but throughout them all is a common thread that promises something greater than this physical life of suffering and hardship.


From as early as 300 AD, alchemists around the planet have concentrated this search for purpose in efforts to discover the Philosopher’s Stone, also known as the Elixir of Life. The Philosopher’s Stone was thought to be a substance that would unlock immortality, rejuvenation, and provide a path to enlightenment because of its mystical and spiritual qualities. The issue was its conspicuity, as it is not really a stone at all, but a substance made through the transmutation of elemental metals. In other words, modern-day alchemists believe that the substance is found by changing the chemical composition of metals like gold, silver, and platinum into salts or liquid.

Today, the quest for the Philosopher’s Stone continues, but efforts lie in the only places you might expect to carry the legacy of ancient Greek alchemists - places like California’s Raw Spirit Festival. Known affectionately as ORMEs (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements) or ORMUS by free-thinking spiritualists, raw foodies, and festival-goers of our times, this “white gold” powdered or liquid dietary supplement is praised for its esoteric high and its long-term health benefits. It appears at an epic cross-section between science and spirituality and has found glorious reception amongst those who believe changing the human diet is key to tapping our true individual and collective human potential. The discovery and initial analysis of ORMUS by farmer David Hudson called into question what is left for us to learn about the chemical composition of this planet’s matter. After realizing that the strange powder he happened upon in his Arizona soil was not simply a metal, but actually contained several metals like gold, silver, iron, and aluminum in an altered atomic state, he came to believe that this substance exists in a much larger quantity on Earth than we know, particularly in sea water.

Today, people are extracting ORMUS through a number of methods. One of the most popular means of extraction is done with magnetic traps in either salt or spring water. In a tube of water surrounded by magnets, the ORMUS-containing water creates a vortex as it is repelled by magnetic fields and can then be distinguished from the rest of the water. Additionally, many people enjoy ORMUS by mixing sea salt with various types of oil to be applied topically or ingested. There are several complex alchemical techniques used to bring ORMUS into its most potent state so that, combined with the proper carrier oil and essential oils, it can reach its highest healing potential. Finally, many extract ORMUS from pure gold, combining it in its powdered form with salt, water, muriatic acid and hydrogen peroxide. This method involves heat and creates dangerous chemical reactions in the process, so it is best not to try this at home.

The apparent scientific properties of ORMUS defy most of what is agreed upon academically today because it is thought to be the fourth state of matter- something beyond a liquid, gas, or a solid. ORMUS or “white gold” has become the generic term for an element in this mysterious state that supposedly eliminates the toxicity levels normally found in metals like gold and makes it safe for human consumption. Those studying the material, like its discoverer Hudson and another popular researcher Barry Carter call it a super-conductor, meaning it can conduct electricity even at very low temperatures. It is this particular quality that makes ORMUS enthusiasts like Hudson and Carter believe it can actually repair and “correct” human DNA, clearing up cancerous cell tissue and restoring negative consequences of aging like Alzheimer’s disease. 

Just as ORMUS is believed to be the missing component to a perfect strand of DNA, it is also thought to be the key to ending the suffering so widely plaguing human life. It’s not surprising that the material substance which seems to defy all we know about material substances has attracted a spiritual following, as many feel these miraculous and unprecedented characteristics can only be divinely sent.


It is thought to be the “counterweight” to poisonous elements present in our modern environments like pesticides and radiation; the light in the darkness, the key to the lock of life’s full potential. Perhaps a better way of explaining the cross-over between science and spirituality is that ORMUS appears to be a bridge between the mental and the physical, allowing humans to supersede what were once thought to be inevitabilities of mind and body. It is reported that consistent consumption of elements in the ORMUS state affects the mind and body in ways similar to those reported in ancient Vedic scriptures and from early alchemists in India, Persia, China, and Europe. Many individuals working with ORMUS also describe its connection to psychic abilities and awakened kundalini.

If you’re looking to try it out for yourself, ORMUS or white gold is sold in many capacities and can even be made at home. The website Liquid-chi.com has liquid blends of ORMUS elemental concentrates for purchase that, as advertised, work along Chinese medicine’s meridian lines to eliminate energy blockages, thereby leading to “healing and rejuvenation, mental clarity, calmness, increased intuitive powers, insightfulness, and a sense of connection to a higher state of awareness.” It is also sold on Amazon through several vendors as a powder and is even making its way into green superfood drink mixes. A word of warning, however, as the websites clearly state, none of these products are FDA-approved and are not medically-backed as a treatment for specific diseases. In fact, ORMUS as a chemical state is disputed by scientific consensus, so experiences of healing, highs, and spiritual enlightenment are just that- individual experiences. The supplement is growing, however, in scholarship and popularity, but readers are encouraged to do their own research into the matter that has mystified us for centuries.