Gift Davis

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Gift is an inspiring artist and anti-smoking activist with a specific focus on uplifting the West Hollywood community through various health and wellness coaching activities like fitness meetups, boot camp workouts and group runs through Runyon Canyon. His clients range from 4 to 84 years old and his work involves helping each and every one of them become the best version of themselves. His personal life story is a powerful testimony in and of itself about an individual who was born somewhat already handicapped but fought against all the odds to become who he is today. He was born asthmatic from parents who were both teenagers and was never breastfed throughout his infancy. Unlike most spiritualists who view the pineal gland as the third eye, Gift calls it the first eye and believes that we exist in the spirit first and then the body. He works with various members of the Marley family and is an artist in his own right who channels his creativity through pencil drawn portraits, tattooing, and paintings. More than anything his main motivation is to always add value to the community in every way he can, otherwise he just feels purposeless and chooses to draw back if he isn’t pushing anything or anyone forward!

- How would you describe and define who you are and what you do to those who don't know you?

Just a creative. I've always been an artist, a painter, drawer, tattoo artist for 13 years - so the creation has always been a part of me and always will be. The health and wellness came in by way of realizing that the artists die first and what I mean by that is the creative, the person who is willing to create (Nikola Tesla, Martin Luther King, we can go on and on). You overstand? The creator dies first because the creator is giving their all and thinking about themselves last.

When you think of health - [a] health and wellness [person] is the person thinking about themselves first and then helping the neighborhood. I cannot give a room if I don't have a home myself, so that's where the health and wellness aspect came into my life, where if I am telling somebody to live like this I first must show. That's my journey, my purpose and my lifestyle really. I just add value to everything that I come across, whether it's a bug or a person.

- Why do you do what you do?
It came with certain challenges, friction and certain pro-action that must be taken. A lot of it is being proactive instead of being reactive. So, my drive comes from a proactive mindset, but because I was so reactive growing up - so again I had 12 asthma attacks growing up roughly 12 asthma attacks where like I'm rushed to the hospital because of asthma - that's the reaction as opposed to if I drank enough water, took enough breaths, eating the right food, surrounded myself in the right environments, smile even, change my emotions about things. So that's where my drive comes from as an off-balance of reaction. Everybody reacts, the whole world, so to offset that is who I am in today's real time.

I'm just a vessel of pro-action. A vessel of a movement for sure. A movement of creating balance. First not outward. First focusing inward on the balance, and then I can project that.

- Who or what influences who you are the most?
Dr. Sebi. Blessings to his soul.

Martin Luther King.

I’d definitely have to say, Bob Marley.

- The mantra or motto that you live by?
I do. I got many, many, many…But the ones that I probably say to myself 2 to 3,000 times a day are probably.

“No Pain No Progress” and another one is “Yey Yey”

- Your favorite song?

Lions by Skip Marley (Bob Marley’s grandson).