On behalf of the Ministry of Tomorrow, I am elated to present to you the inaugural issue of MOT Mag, a radical guerrilla style underground information platform for matters not typically covered by mainstream media. MOT Mag is a collection of muses, marvels, curiosities, and truths that bring enlightenment to the individual and inspire the new cool as defined by you. We seek knowledge that will stimulate intellect beyond current understanding, unearth true emotions, remember our connection to nature and the power we hold as spiritual beings with infinite possibilities.

I would like to say upfront, that while the Ministry of Tomorrow is a for-profit social enterprise where you can source responsibly produced fashion, MOT Mag on the other hand is an unbiased, non-commercial expression that represents the values of our brand in hopes to inspire a culture of higher consciousness and respect for life for the kind of world we want to see.

MOT Mag will publish stories told from alternative perspectives that highlight world culture, promote sustainability and inspire conscious living, treading lightly and staying lighthearted in challenging times. We will present provocative commentary about revolutionary movements, whistle blowers, activists, as well as environmental and societal issues. As needed, confrontational journalism will be MOT Mag's approach to get to the truth.

These hard news stories will be interwoven with inspirational articles from thought leaders on topics ranging from; fashion, music, art, literature, film, sports, places, planets, plant based cuisine, ancient wisdom, spirituality, philanthropy, mythology and business (not as unusual), promoting activism, free thought and responsible choices that benefit humanity and our planet.

Thanks for joining us on this journey to an evolution of human consciousness.

Much Love!

Julian Prolman, Publisher of MOT Mag + Founder and President of the Ministry of Tomorrow