MK Ultra And The Power Of Celebrity Culture Through MIND CONTROL.

  Britney Spears gets crazy after desperately trying to see her kids at Kevin Federline's place on February 21, 2007,   in Tarzana, California. (credit: MBF-AlphaX/

Britney Spears gets crazy after desperately trying to see her kids at Kevin Federline's place on February 21, 2007, in Tarzana, California. (credit: MBF-AlphaX/

Celebrities like Kanye West, Britney Spears, Carrie Fisher, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe, Nicki Minaj, Roseanne Barr, Martin Lawrence, and countless others have all had breakdowns where they have said very strange things about the inner workings of Hollywood culture. Roseanne Barr, the famous sitcom comedian, has openly said that there is a lot of MK Ultra in Hollywood. You will find many testimonies of satanic and dark occult practices being pushed on celebrities by powerful elite groups. Time and time again we see performances that even someone with an elementary understanding of magic rituals and symbolism can easily recognize. A recent example is Beyonce's 2017 Grammy performance.

These instances of occult symbolism and ritual do not occur only in the entertainment industry. For example, when the particle collider tunnel for CERN was open in Switzerland, the opening ceremony was packed with pagan gods and occult symbolism. The recurrence and prevalence of occult symbolism in the public sphere has led many researchers and members of the public to believe that sinister forces are at work. Many believe that certain elite figures have sided with dark spiritual forces and actively attempt to keep the human spirit from realizing its true potential. One of the most prominent tools they use are celebrities and the public's fascination with them. Many accuse certain powerful groups of using mind control techniques to control the mind and spirit of celebrities.

This sounds crazy, but is it really? Let’s take a brief look at what we know about mind control and things which are now being openly talked about.

MK Ultra is the code name of a series of experiments carried out by the CIA in an attempt to gain the ability to control the mind and behavior of people. The 'Church Committee Hearings', 1975, attempted to investigate the numerous research projects carried out under the MK Ultra program. What we know now is that the CIA employed researchers for a number of inhuman experiments, attempting to gain the knowledge to be able to control behavior. These projects included, but were not limited to, extreme sleep deprivation, magic, electroshock, large doses of drugs, and hypnosis.

The worst part is that these tests were carried out many times on unwilling and unsuspecting citizens. Despite the then director of the CIA, Richard Helms', attempts to have all the documentation of the mind control projects destroyed, a portion of the material survived and has come into the public record. While the 1975 hearing revealed a lot of interesting and alarming information, more has come to light since. Most notably in a congressional hearing performed by select committees in 1977, when more documentation was discovered. The notes of the hearing can be found in the document titled "MK Ultra, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification."

The CIA insists that all such attempts at behavioral modification and mind control have been halted since the atrocities committed during the 1953-1964 period, documented by the Congressional report. However, there are innumerable researchers who claim that not only are these practices continuing, but an active application of the findings of this research is being used to control, or even assassinate, people who have influence in the public sphere.

The CIA is not responsible for the creation of mind control techniques, even though they have played the most significant part in enhancing them in the 20th Century. We know for a fact that Nazi scientists were involved in this type of research. Using rituals, drugs, and trauma, to produce human slaves, dates back to ancient Egypt. David Carrico, in his book, The Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection, offers a tantalizing analysis between the ancient mystery traditions and current practices carried out by certain circles of today.

Enter Project Monarch

The human mind is a very complex thing. However, we would be fooling ourselves if we thought that governments and powerful elites have not spent enormous amounts of resources in gaining an understanding of its underlying mechanics. Project Monarch is believed to be the continuation and escalation of MK Ultra. No material under this project has yet to become declassified. Many believe that most major celebrities have been brainwashed and are actually tools of social control used by powerful elites to control the minds and values of the masses.

By using a mixture of traumatic experience, ritualistic elements (occult), and hypnosis, 'programmers' attempt to induce in the victim, a Multiple Personality Disorder. Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Mind Disorder is when due to traumatic experiences, the mind splits and creates different alternative personalities to protect itself from having to deal with the experience. The mind becomes compartmentalized. With the right knowledge and technique, it is possible, during this time, to create and influence what alters a person's psyche creates.

“Roman is a crazy boy who lives in me and he says the things that I don’t want to say… he is violent… I ask him to leave, but he can’t he is here for a reason. People have brought him out, people have conjured him up and now he won’t leave..” - Nicki Minaj

Certain elite groups in Hollywood and politics have been connected to occult and satanic rituals. Whether or not you believe in these kinds of things, certain elite groups do. While this has been covered many times in modern history, a recent case involves the citizen investigation into what the online world calls pizzagate. Without wanting to go too deep down that rabbit hole, I will just briefly say that the core of this scandal is when individuals uncovered suspicious code words in John Podesta's emails revealed by Wikileaks. This, in turn, uncovered the relationship between many of Hollywood's most glamorous stars and political elites with a woman named Marina Abramovic.

I encourage the reader to take a look at her 'spirit cooking' and her hosting of various VIP parties so that you can make your own conclusions. She justifies the cannibalistic and occult elements as simply art and nothing else. However, many researchers have said that occult rituals are used in order to attach demons to one or more of the victims alters. Alter refers to one of the compartmentalized personalities created usually through trauma. Two notable works are Ron Patton, in his book titled 'Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control' and 'The Illuminati Formula To Create An Undetectable Mind Control Slave' by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler. Both of which can be found on the internet.  

In an interview, talking about the first time she performed at the BET awards, Beyonce said: “I remember right before I performed I raised my hands up and for the first time I felt something enter into me.”

Many believe that these are actually demonic spirits. The reason, many claim that certain occult symbology, gestures, and rituals are abundant in high-level celebrities' music, videos, and performances is because only those that go along with this dark culture are allowed to reach higher levels of celebrity or success status. There are many who perhaps do not believe in the occult, demons, and the like. No one, however, can deny that even with simple hypnosis, techniques people are able to 'program' individuals to react to a trigger, event, sound, distort memory, and induce a false personality.

How could this possibly be? Why wouldn't celebrities and others speak out if this was going on? Many have spoken out, but nowadays if you do not conform to the 'mainstream agenda', the agenda of certain dark elite groups, you are marginalized. Not to mention that mind control techniques no longer rely upon old methods, now everything has gone wireless. The CIA has, since 1960, been funding research into activating 'agents' which they have programmed, remotely. There are many patents for technology that allows for energy to actively manipulate the brain. There are technologies used for altering consciousness, for sending silent subliminal messages, and much more. They have the technology to make people hear voices and sounds in their head. Most of this is not even new and has since been greatly improved. The level of social control and manipulation that powerful groups have is unimaginable. Technology has advanced to such a level that nobody can be sure of anything at this point.No matter how much they try to convince us that our base nature is our only nature, we must never be fooled! Any intelligent person has to hold a degree of skepticism, but I strongly encourage you, dear reader, to seek the truth.