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Aztec Perspectives On Time - A Deeper Understanding Of How Nothing Is Really New Under The Sun

There were no hours, minutes, or seconds in Aztec society. Instead of life being ruled by every hour, minute, and second, of the day, Aztec life was task-oriented. Today, our lives revolve around the clock and we often say that we are “slaves” to the it, but the Aztecs were able to appreciate time and incorporate it into their lives without letting it control their every action.

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UFOs In Religious Art - The Not So Obvious Messages In History That Are Now Being Revealed

Subliminal messaging is nothing new in the world of art - could some of the greatest cosmic disclosure in our time have been recorded during different artistic periods and movements through esoteric references rendered by the bristles of a paint brush? Or is the Catholic church just not letting us in on what they really know about other worlds.

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