Energetic Imprints - The Flow Of Emotional Matter Through Physical Intimacy And How It Affects Our Aura

Copulating 1984. Oil on linen. 75 x 96 in. (credit:    Alex Grey   )

Copulating 1984. Oil on linen. 75 x 96 in. (credit: Alex Grey)


The flow of energy transferred through human interaction is a vital aspect of our oneness as a species. Most of us have entered into another person's presence or private space and experienced either a positive or negative sense of energy that immediately affected our own moods and disposition. Aura is the invisible manifestation of energy around us, which creates an encompassing field of our own electricity that can also absorb other people’s electricity as well. Our entire physical realm is made up of invisible energy fields circulating throughout our natural environment, playing a key role in the development of our relational bonds. The energy within a given space can be very subtle and undetectable in some places and much stronger in others depending on the type of activity taking place at the time. When we see our favorite team score a goal at a live stadium event or when in the crowd at a concert, the energy transfer between the performers and spectators can be surreal at times. Even though no physical contact is actually being made, a deep connection is still being created. This flow is even more heightened between two people who are attracted to each other or falling in love. Sending or receiving vibes to and from people who we are attracted to can be a very euphoric feeling and is usually the threshold where emotional bonds are formed. With every level of interaction and increased attraction, these bonds become almost magnetic and we grow even more enamored to the other person's energy and begin to crave their presence or touch. Energy transferred through sexual intercourse creates the strongest bonds and entwines two people's energy so tightly that separation can be a traumatic experience because it leaves imprints of the other person’s energy lingering on our own aura. These complications become even more complex when an individual has multiple sexual partners and emotional entanglements.

- The scientific


In traditional Chinese medicine, the meridian system refers to a network of bodily channels or pathways through which energy or life force known as Qi flows. According to tradition, there are 12 main meridian paths through which energy flows. These pathways all correspond to major internal organs within the body i.e. there is a heart meridian, a lung meridian, etc. In each meridian, the flow of energy can become stagnant or deficient, which means that there is some sort of blockage preventing energy from flowing and reaching the various checkpoints it is supposed to flow to and this can cause all sorts of pain due to excessive internal energy imbalance.

In this Chinese school of thought, organs have a much broader role to play as compared to western medicine and the main emphasis is on their yin and yang properties (how they relate to the universe and other organs). The Yin organs include the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidney and a 6th one that is sometimes not included among the former which is known as the pericardium (the heart's protective sack, also known as the king's protector).

The Chinese believe that these organs also produce and distribute emotions such as joy, worry, fear, anger, and grief. The heart is the organ that is associated with joy. These emotions are also associated with disease when there is an unhealthy imbalance of them. The pericardium is associated with the emotion of love and other related sexual sensations. It is sometimes called the circulation sex meridian. According to the Chinese, without the pericardium functioning normally the heart is unprotected from excessive emotion and fluctuating energies. Excessive emotional activity causes significant yin-yang energy imbalance. It is through the pericardium that the energy of your sexual partner or partners is imprinted on your heart and can disrupt your joy.

- The spiritual

In the Christian faith, the concept of soul ties is a similar metaphysical energetic bond whereby a spiritual connection is formed between two people who have had sex with each other. The concept is inspired by a number of verses in the bible including the 10th chapter of the gospel according to Mark where Jesus is teaching his disciples about principles of marriage and says “…A man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh so they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together let man not separate”. It's quite clear here that Jesus is talking about sex as a binding transaction between two people to confirm their union – furthermore, he emphasizes that this bond is actually not meant to be broken.

Some Christians take this a step further with the belief that marriage is a binding covenant and that like all covenants which God makes with his people it is sealed in blood e.g (when God made a covenant with Noah, animals had to be sacrificed, or when he made a covenant with Abraham circumcision had to take place) and so in marriage when copulation takes place for the first time, bleeding occurs when the hymen (a thin fleshy tissue located at the opening of a vagina) is stretched or torn to confirm that the two are now one.

Another passage to support this concept was written by the Apostle Paul in his epistle to the church at Corinth in chapter 6 where he says, “Or don’t you know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said the two will become one flesh”.

Essentially a soul tie is an energetic bond that is formed in the spiritual realm. A soul tie between a married couple is said to strengthen their union and bring them together like opposite sides of a magnet, while soul ties between multiple sexual partners are dangerous because they entangle your spirit with the toxic emotions of all those partners. In the demonic realm, unholy soul ties can serve as channels for satanic energy to flow and be released into the natural realm.


- The scary reality


The whole premise of energetic imprints suggests that intimacy at a heightened level entwines the aural energy between two people. When you or the partner you are having sex with do not practice any type of auric or spiritual cleansing then spiritual debris remains after intercourse and begins to accumulate. A person’s aura becomes significantly confused when they start having numerous sexual encounters with multiple partners because they begin carrying multiple energies, which can repel positive energy and attract negative energy. The more intimate you get with someone, the more your energies merge and you absorb all of their good or bad energy.

When your sexual partner is loving and affectionate then you absorb all of that delightful energy and if they’re pessimistic and always negative then you absorb all of that terrible energy. This transaction also has a compound effect in that you also absorb the energy of everyone else who your partner has had sex with prior to you. During the period of ejaculation, the man releases his life form (bioenergetic material) into the woman and leaves his part of energetic information (spiritual DNA) in her birth canal. If the woman does not clean herself after the intercourse then the man's energy remains within her. This energetic imprint then creates a pattern of sexual addiction to maintain the energy high. Having multiple partners creates a flurry of mixed emotional signals that can clog up our meridian paths and lead to an energy imbalance that can lead to physical sicknesses such as excessive lethargy, depression and confusing dizziness.

- Remedies

In the same way that we bathe our bodies every day from dirt we accumulate throughout the day, we need to apply the same measures of personal care to our auras. Auric cleansing varies in intensity depending on a person's gender and sexual past. Different energy requires different methods to clean out. Some methods are purely physical, others are metaphysical and some are both. One lightweight method which is very easy to practice is taking a bath with Epsom salts. It is believed that the addition of Epsom salts to bathing water enhances energy flow and draws out minor psychic debris from your aura. This method can also be adapted to swimming, especially in the ocean because it contains various salts and minerals. Full body submersion in water is considered to be a very powerful process in cleansing energetic imprints.

Gentle exposure to sunlight is also believed to have a mild auric cleansing effect because some lower vibrations cannot exist with exposure to bright light. Some of the metaphysical cleaning practices include meditation, readings, and healing. Aura meditation involves relaxing and releasing unwanted energies by grounding yourself and clearing your chakras (centers of spiritual power in the body).

Aura healing involves soliciting the help of a healer who will assist you in relieving psychic debris and improving your energy flow – these healers are known as Reiki healers. Reiki is a healing technique based on the idea that the healer can channel energy throughout the body by means of touch so as to activate it’s the natural self-healing processes and expedite the journey to well being.

Readings also involve soliciting additional help in the form of a clairvoyant who will help you to discern your own energy and not confuse it with foreign energy. When you realize that an energy is not yours then it becomes much easier to get rid of and release. Other known remedies include being in nature and getting involved in creative activities.

- Conclusion


Apart from practicing celibacy to abstain from sex that could potentially lead to negative energetic imprints the only other alternative is to continually detox after every potentially volatile sexual encounter. Intimacy can be a beautiful connection that fuses two auras together in a powerful way, but if that fusion is disrupted then a detox has to be enforced for some time in order to help restore a damaged aura. Regardless of how positive your sexual partner's energy was, it is always critical to still detox after a breakup or a round of casual sex because your aura can become deficient when it no longer receives that constant flow of energy that it used to get during sex. The outcome of detoxing is to achieve emotional closure, a clean aura, and normal energetic circulation through your meridian paths. It shouldn’t be seen as a chore but rather as a period of rehabilitation to strengthen one's energy so as to function normally again.