Awaken The Species - An Exclusive With Neale Donald Walsch On His New Book.


In 1995 a little blue book smiled upon the world and assisted us in remembering the God that we all knew before we came to this Earth and embodied these physical forms. This God was not the God that religions spoke of or that was preached to us from the pulpits every Sunday. No, this was a God that we all knew, that we all had a friendship with, a God in which we trust. This book was written by Neale Donald Walsch and stayed on the New York Times Bestsellers List for 137 weeks and has now been translated into 37 different languages.

The reason for its popularity was that it finally made sense to people and people felt comforted, people were no longer afraid. This book erased the fear of punishment, the fear of judgment, and the fear of death itself, for it reminded us that there is no death and that we are eternal. This book also told us that love was the answer, fear was not, and that humans had built many illusions in which they try to live within but with little success which we were reminded of in the fifth book - Communion with God.

God asks us why we do not see that what we are doing is simply not working. Religions were dividing us yet no one was seeking to become united. Children were starving yet people continued to throw away food and although no soul leaves this Earth without wanting to, human lives were still being taken. The punishment for those who 'wronged' was to do something that was against all human nature and against the laws that our species had created - to punish them further, or to take their lives 'away' from them. It just did not make sense. This is where the help, as told to us in book four, from other beings in various different dimensions could assist us. These beings praised many traits that we did not and one of the most important ones that we were told about in book three was that a Highly Evolved Being simply observed what was not working and sought to make a change.

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Now, here we are, eighteen years after Mr. Walsch first turned to his yellow legal pad with anger, honored with a fourth book—'Awaken to Species'. This book answers many more questions related to book three including the two main points that Mr. Walsch is trying to help us to understand:

Is the human race being offered help by Highly Evolved Beings from another Dimension?

Is there a key role that humans are being invited to play in advancing their individual evolution by joining in a mutual mission to assist the planet during the critical time ahead?


The answer to both the questions is yes. Yes, there are beings from other dimensions helping us to awaken as a species and there has been for many years. Yes, there is a role in which we can all play to help awaken the species. This role is to be the one who is awake and live it. This book tells us that many people are now awake but are not facing up to their own awakening—they are awake, yet asleep. It is those who are awake yet asleep that need to awaken fully and become the light so that others may find them. This is not about being a leader, God reminds us, it is about standing up and just being it. To quote the book, "remember always that a leader is not someone who says, 'follow me.' A leader is one who says, 'I'll go first.'"

To help assist us with our awakening, this book pulls out sixteen main points that the human race does differently from the dimension of Highly Evolved beings. Highly Evolved beings, or 'HEBS', understand oneness, that we are all one and nothing is separate. To name a few more, they understand that nothing can be owned, everything must be shared, the truth must always be told, there is always enough, there is no justice or punishment for when I punish you, I punish me because we are united in our oneness.

This book follows on from many years of brilliant writing that has shaken many beings awake to create this mass awakening. In Mr. Walsch's book, 'Tomorrow's God', we were all given relief to know that what we were doing was working, that people all over were indeed beginning to wake up from a lifetime of sleepwalking. This book will bring hope to many people as did all the others that we have been blessed to find. It is the book to change the world once again, a book to awaken the masses and a book to soothe the soul. Every book written by Mr. Walsch has brought comfort to the suffering of millions and will continue to do so as they rest upon the shelves of bookstores, await with ruffled pages near people's bedsides and transfer from hand to hand, person to person around the globe, for this planet is now ripe for its awakening.

 Neale Donald Walsch (credit:

Neale Donald Walsch (credit:

1. What is the most important message in this new book?

The book's most important message is that millions of people on Earth are already "awake" (that is, aware of their True Identity and the Purpose of Life), but are not acting like it. The book invites people to act like it and, by doing so, to awaken the species.

This is what all spiritual messengers across the centuries have done, of course. And so, the invitation is for each of us to become a spiritual messenger. But not one who goes out into the streets and seeks to proselytize or convert people to a particular "brand" of spirituality. Rather, one who simply lives in a way that advances one's own evolutionary process, and interacts with others in a way that touches all with what the book defines as Pure Love.

It is in this way --- by simply committing to be an exemplar --- that a person would automatically awaken others, one at a time. The book suggests that when enough people do this, and as the number of such models reaches critical mass, the global population will be transformed.  

The book's other important (and, to some, a bit startling) message is that we are not alone in this undertaking. We are being helped by highly evolved beings from a place and a dimension other than Earth. Life in their civilization is described in some detail, as is how and why they are offering their assistance. 

2. Why do you think that God wanted this message shared at this point in time?

I believe it is a misunderstanding to think that God has certain things that God "wants" to occur at certain points in time. If that were the case, it would be difficult to understand why life would be the way life on Earth is right now. There must be something about the relationship between God and life on Earth that we do not fully understand, the understanding of which would change everything.

CWG tells us that God's only desire is for God's creations to express the highest characteristic of Divinity, which is freedom. Total freedom to create. Humans, therefore, have complete free will to create their own reality as they choose.

The message in this book has emerged at this time, therefore, because it was humanity that wanted it to be shared now. It is our combined desire, the product of a deep yearning within the collective consciousness of our species, for us to reach the next level of clarity that is generating our ability to hear more clearly what has been said before. Humanity is now ready and willing to receive, more fully and with greater understanding than ever before, an invitation that Life has been extending forever.

What I am saying is that God's message has always been there. It has been repeated over and over again through many messengers in many places across many centuries. Yet as humanity's yearning for a higher truth expands, its consciousness opens to receiving what has been given from the beginning. And our consciousness is bursting now with desire for peace and joy and love at last, as a growing number of us are seeing that the moment is urgent, the critical time in our evolutionary process is at hand, the world is crying out for healing --- politically, financially, socially, environmentally, and spiritually. In short, we are ripe for revolution. A spiritual and consciousness revolution.

When the global vibratory frequency increases so dramatically in such a compact period of time, the Message of the Ages becomes apparent to the Mind of the Moment.

Thus, it was that on the second day of August 2016 I was awakened in the middle of the night—it was 4:13 in the morning—with the impulse that I had last felt ten years earlier. That impulse was unmistakable. It was the inner feeling that a long and important conversation needed to take place and that I needed to be prepared to make a record of it. And so, I did.

I got myself out of bed, went down to my laptop, and began allowing myself to engage the same experience I'd had before: to have a conversation with God, in writing. Out of that experience emerged this book, which came through me in ten and twelve-hour sessions over four and a half weeks. I knew instantly that this book was important, that it needed to be received. I think it's vital for humanity to receive this information. And so I took steps for it to be published.

3. Do you ever have doubts as to whether it is actually God you are dialoguing with, and how do you define this God?

I am asked this question frequently, and I always offer the same answer. Yes, of course, I have doubts that I am actually having a conversation with God. The day that I stop doubting is the day I become dangerous --- and I have no intention of becoming dangerous.

The real question is not, am I actually talking to God, but rather, does this information hold any value? I have found it to be life-changing in a very positive way, and millions of others seem to have had the same experience. So I think this raises the question: Whence cometh inspiration?

Humanity has been trying to figure this out for millennia. If someone had asked Michelangelo where he got the images and the artistry to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and he said, "I was inspired by God," no one would blink an eye. If someone asked Mozart how he came up with his timeless music and he said, "I believe myself to have been inspired by God," no one would question it for a moment. I want to suggest that the same thing can happen to an author.

I believe that everyone, in fact, is having conversations with God all the time. The question is not, to whom is God talking? The question is, Who's listening?

I observe that we're all having experiences of connection with...and yes if you please, communication from the source of wisdom and clarity that exists within all of us. We might give such an experience different names. We might call it "a moment of great inspiration" or "a terrific idea." We might even call it "an epiphany." But whatever name we give it, it's just another way of saying that we've had what I've called it: a "Conversation with God."

Having said that, I tell everyone that I could be wrong about all of this. Don't believe me, I say. Just step into the living of these messages and let your experience of their value proceed from there. And call it what you will. I, personally, call it a conversation with the Divine, and I believe that such conversations are open to all human beings. It is the process by which we are "inspired."

As for how I define "God," I have always said that it is easier to say what God is not than to say what God is. I can say what God is not in one word. Nothing. There is nothing that God is not. So I see God not so much as a "personality" in the sky (although God can take on that form in our reality if it suits us to think of the Divine in that way), but as the Essential Essence, the Pure Energy, the First Cause, and the Prime Source. I think of God as the Sum Total of All That Is, and as the Individuated Expression of that Sum Total.

CWG tells us that "all things are One Thing. There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing there is."

In another passage from Conversations with God, we read that "God is a process." It is difficult for many people to conceive of God in such a way because humans have a tendency to anthropomorphize everything from boats to cars to goldfish, but I feel myself to have been reliably informed that "God" is the process of Life Itself. In a word, that process can be called Change. It is producing the expression of Divinity in particular and ever-changing physical form. Thus, God is both the Creator and the Created; That Which Is and That Which Expresses and Experiences That Which Is.

4. Book 4 focuses on, as you mentioned, Highly Evolved Beings, or HEB's as they are called in the book. Are they from other planets in the physical universe we are in?

The book talks about inter-dimensional entities. That is sentient beings who exist in both the physical and metaphysical realms, depending upon where they place themselves in any particular moment. So in that sense, they are not from another planet, but from another dimension. They are assisting other sentient beings as well. Beings who, like us, are living in the physical only, elsewhere in the cosmos.

I know this may all seem difficult to believe, but I'm also pretty clear that if the dialogue had just said we are helped in our lives by our "spirit guides," or that sometimes we are being given assistance by what many would call "guardian angels," far fewer eyebrows would be raised.

We, humans, have accepted, in huge numbers, the existence of such entities and, for that matter, the fact that we can receive inspiration from a wide variety of sources, not the least of which we claim to be God. But the fact that I have accepted the information in the dialogue and publicized it the way I have, word for word without changing anything, without changing the labels, opens me, no doubt to a bit of skepticism. And I welcome that, we should be skeptical.

We should all be skeptical of everything. That is, not easily convinced, and having reservations, and accepting, in the end, our own inner guidance on all matters of importance. The Conversations with God dialogues have, from the beginning, urged all of us to not to "believe" a thing that is offered there about spiritual realities but to be our own authority in the matter.

5. You mention Highly Evolved Beings from another dimension. How do you define dimension? What are the major differences in the way they live and the way we live on this planet?

I think the word "reality" might be interchanged here with the word "dimension." So the dialogue is talking about another level of the Ultimate Reality. I asked, specifically, if this could be part of what humans mean when they speak of a "parallel universe," and the answer I got was "yes."

The Highly Evolved Beings living in this parallel reality, I am told, behave in the following way: They are not, or ever, violent—physically, verbally, or emotionally. They tell the truth and only the truth all the time, about everything. They see all things—including themselves—as one thing, of which they are a part. They do what they say they're going to do. They share everything with everyone. They see things exactly as they are. They don't hide from themselves or hide what they're seeing from themselves. They respond to what they're seeing by doing what works.

Human beings on the other hand—human beings who are living in an unawakened state—will look right at something and pretend that it's not there, or ignore the fact that it's there. Worse yet, they'll actually do the opposite of "what works," even though they see "what's so" right there in front of them.

A simple example would be the plain fact that's now accepted just about everywhere, and certainly, in all medical circles, that smoking is bad for your health. It says so right there on the package. But we see that we see what’s true, and we do it anyway. Or take the idea that children are becoming more and more agitated and, in some cases, sadly, even violent. We're seeing stories in newspapers now about 7-, 8- and 9-year old children who are violent with each other, and it becomes clear to us that the idea that violence as a way of dealing with anger is being given to children by everything from television programs to cartoons, video games to movies, and even the so-called "toys" we give them to "go play and have fun" with.

Even though we can clearly see this, we tell ourselves, "This is all being exaggerated. This is not really a problem," or "Children understand the difference between 'make believe' and what's real," and so forth. Nevertheless, we see the results that occur in our society: we have a far more violent society today than we had 25 or 50 years ago before it was common for children at the age of 4, 8 and 12 to see these images of violence vividly portrayed right in front of their eyes.

Now Highly Evolved Beings would never put those kinds of images in front of a young offspring—much less do it and then pretend it's not having any effect whatsoever. Nor would they eat things that are bad for their own health. Nor would they poison themselves with carcinogens and tell themselves that they're not hurting themselves.

There's a whole list of more alternate behaviors that Highly Evolved Beings demonstrate, which are listed and thoroughly explored in this book. That list is both fascinating and instructive.

6. Do you think that the Earth is at a critical place where the actual survival of human life is at risk?

The dialogue tells us that the survival of the human species is not at risk, but that our way of life is. That is, the issue is not whether we will survive, but how. What will life be like on this planet for our children and our grandchildren? Even, for that matter, for ourselves in the years immediately ahead?

Right now very little of what we are doing on this planet is working. Our political systems clearly are not working to produce safety and security, peace and opportunity for us all. Our economic systems clearly are not working to produce financial stability and abundance for all. Our ecological systems clearly are not working to produce environmental sustainability for all. Our health care systems clearly are not working to provide good and affordable medical care for all. Our educational systems clearly are not working to bring all of us to wisdom and clarity. Our social systems clearly are not working to bring us all into harmony. And saddest of all, our spiritual systems clearly are not working to bring us all into a closer communion with God.

Not only are these systems failing to generate these outcomes, they are actually producing exactly the opposite.

Yet the problem facing humanity is not a political problem, it is not an economic problem, and it is not a military problem. It is not an ecological problem and it is not a social problem. It is a spiritual problem, and it can only be solved by spiritual means. It has to do with what we believe. It has to do with what we hold to be true about ourselves, about each other, about life itself, about God, and about our relationship with all of the above.

I believe it is critical if we wish to retain the best of what we have created as life on Earth, for us to deeply and courageously explore what it is we believe about ourselves, about God, and about life, and to honestly assess whether those beliefs are serving us as a species.

7. Do you believe that enough people will heed the message and actually change the way human society on this planet behaves?

Yes. There are no guarantees, of course, but I believe that what we are seeing right now all over the planet is what I have called The Storm Before the Calm. I actually wrote an entire book by this title, in which I notice that humanity is now being aroused from its slumber. We are becoming more and more clear that there is obviously something we don’t fully understand here about life, about God, and about ourselves, the understanding of which would change everything.

Conversations with God-Book 4 is quite explicit about this. It says that the fact that the conditions described above exist on the Earth right now, is what makes this the Perfect Time for Our Advancement. The severity of these conditions is serving to shake humanity from its complacency, awakening us to what now urgently needs to be addressed if we are, as a species, to meet the promise of our potential.

The book gives us a basic recipe for how we can change the global experience of humanity if we simply embrace and adopt the specific behaviors of an awakened species. It lays out for us—not in broad generalities, but in clear and precise terms—a blueprint of how we could improve life overnight upon the earth. 

I’m glad that this book offers seven specific tools with which to help us integrate advanced behaviors, should we find [any of them] attractive enough and beneficial enough in our assessment that we wish to include them in the living of our lives. The book doesn’t leave us with suggestions on how we might behave, it gives us specific grounding tools that help us to embrace and fully "live into" those behaviors, experiencing a new way to be human and showing us how to get from where we are to where we want to be in the evolution of our individual selves and of our species.

 8. What would you say is the biggest surprise you had in writing this book?

That it was written at all. I thought I had experienced my last book-length dialogue with God ten years ago, but I awakened in the middle of the night on August 2 and was told that there was a third invitation to be issued to humanity. The first invitation, in Book One, was to change the world's mind about God. The second invitation was to give people back to themselves. That is, to remind them of who they really are by placing them in touch with their true identity as Individuations of Divinity. The third and final invitation: awaken the species. Not—as I said earlier—by running around telling people what they're doing is "wrong," but by modeling behaviors that demonstrate how an awakened species lives.  


1. Describe what you do in your own words to people who don't know what you do?

I see myself as a spiritual messenger. I am not a spiritual teacher, as I have sometimes been called. A teacher is one who has, presumably, mastered what is being taught and is passing that mastery on to others. A messenger is one who is passing on a message he has been given—whether he, himself, has mastered that message or not.

I have not mastered the messages I have been given. I’m very clear about that. And no one who knows me would suggest that I have. But I have made some progress. And I see, now, the path. I see the way to get from where I am to where I want to be. And I am sharing that with others, so we can go there together, each of us holding a hand out to another, all of us making sure that no one is left behind, without someone to journey with, in the process of evolving, if they seek a spiritual companion.

Perhaps that's how I would best describe myself. Perhaps that's the label that is most accurate. I'm a Spiritual Companion.

2. Why do you do it?

Because I have been alone in my life – utterly and desolately alone – on more than one occasion, in some really critical moments, and I swore then that if I was ever in a position to do it, I would never let anyone else feel alone on their journey. I would do what I could to help them to experience that it need not be difficult, need not be arduous, but can, in fact, be a joy and a celebration, a wondrous adventure and a marvelous manifestation of their true and highest self.

I would never have been able to undertake this, of course, had it not been for my conversations with God.

3. What is the biggest influence on your worldview and outlook on life?

My conversations with God. Without a doubt, those 3,000+ pages of dialogue have shaped and formed my understanding and my experience of everything in my daily encounters with Self, with God, and with Others. It has produced my worldview and my outlook on life in letters writ large. Its messages are messages I could not possibly ignore.

4. What is your message to humanity or the most important thing that you think people of today and future generations should know?

I, Neale, have no "message to humanity," but I believe that God does. I believe that God's message is:

1.    I exist.

2.    You've got me all wrong.

3.    There is no separation between us, nor between you and anything or anyone at all.

4.    Your life is not about you, but about everyone whose life you touch, and the way in which you touch it.

5.    Life is eternal, death does not exist, and the purpose of life is to recreate yourself anew, in the next golden moment of now, as you announce and declare, express and fulfill, become and experience the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about Who You Are.

5. What is your favorite song?

That's the easiest question I've been asked. Hands down, the song is: Life is Eternal, by Carly Simon.