Indigo Children - A Special Breed Of Prodigies Sent To Usher Humanity Into A New Spiritual Awakening


All of us know them from books and movies as the heroes, the chosen ones, and the changemakers. They are able to unify people, convincing the masses to be guided by virtues rather than self-interest. We read about them in fiction, often not knowing that individuals as amazing as these walk among us, serving as a proof that tales are always based on reality to a certain extent. We know them as indigo children, people who represent everything noble about being a human being, whose sole purpose is to make the world a better place and leave the world a little better than they found it.

Oh, the New Age movement of the 70's! Some called it the era in which vices and collective irresponsibility were blossoming. Others believed it was the time when Westerners started realizing how little sense some of the basic premises governing society made and started doing something about it. It wasn’t just a time when people were naked and free-spirited, exploring the world in their minivans, dancing in the streets, and singing until their lungs gave out. It was a time when people showed that it is possible to be guided by principles different from the standard capitalistic narratives, shying away from war, corruption, greed, and materialism. It was far from perfect, but in a way, it was the closest the world has come to a society envisioned by the people who loved it the most: indigo children.

- The subtle rays of blue and purple


An indigo child or adult is an individual who is deeply empathetic and strong-willed, channeling that will towards rooting out injustice, changing wrong paradigms, and showing people the ways in which they can manifest their true potentials. The expression “indigo children” was coined in the ‘70s, by parapsychologist and published author Nancy Ann Tappe, who was a synesthete.

People who have synesthesia experience the connection between two or more senses, so a single stimulation can trigger a wide range of sensory perceptions (e.g. smelling sounds, tasting colors, etc.). Nancy could see colors and taste shapes, which enabled her to tap into the uniqueness of indigo children. Tappe noticed children with deep blue auras and found it unusual since it was thought that all aura colors belong to the spectrum of the rainbow. She first started encountering them sporadically in the late 60's. Then, in the 80's, Nancy Ann saw a huge outbreak of children embraced by auras of a bluish-violet shade. She spent decades researching indigo children and motivated many people to do the same. Thanks to all of them, today we have access to a wide array of information on these beautiful old souls and ways of recognizing if you are one of them.

- Fighting for a righteous world in a non-violent way

Not all indigo children possess the same characteristics; however, there is a group of traits that is a sure sign that someone is an indigo. One of their most prominent features is that they are passionate about what they believe in. Imagine a person whose eyes sparkle with joy while they’re talking about their pursuits and endeavors. More often than not, those projects are of a large scale and involve fighting for a certain cause or correcting wrongdoings of others. That is because an indigo wants to solve as many issues as possible in a single take, so they are often perceived as utopists, idealists or dreamers. It’s not unusual for them to be labeled by the same society they want to improve as anarchists, weirdos, or people with special needs. That is because they reject mediocrity and question everything – above all legal, social, and cultural norms.



Indigo children focus on feeling the world in order to learn about it rather than obtaining the knowledge through reason. They are intelligent and intuitive. Many of them are clairsentient beings, which means that they can obtain information from other beings' energies. Clairvoyance and perceiving things beyond what the eyes can gaze upon can also be one of the many blessings of an indigo. All these qualities tell us that these people vibrate at higher frequencies and have access to higher dimensions of consciousness than the average person. They hate being manipulated and can recognize if they are lied to effortlessly. What makes them an ideal of human virtue is their sense of generosity, which gives them the urge to share all the benefits of tuning into the universal cosmic energy around us and within us with every person they meet, shifting the vibrations of the society as a whole to a higher frequency.

- Old souls on a new ride

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An indigo’s relationship with themselves can be quite antagonistic. On one hand, they have a strong sense of purpose instilled within and know they are special. On the other, it is that need to achieve a lot in a single life-time that can be overwhelming and make them feel lonely or misunderstood. Even before they begin something, the sense that their pursuit is not advancing quickly enough can discourage them from taking further actions in the right direction, making them seem bored or uninterested. There are many indigos who are diagnosed with ADHD, depression or anxiety or turning to addictions in order to lessen the severity of the pressure they put on themselves. However, if they learn to appreciate their uniqueness and don’t lose sight of who they are, life can become a playground!

It’s not uncommon for them to feel like they’re much older than their ID says, or like they have already experienced certain moments in life in times that are long bygone. The wonderful energy of these old souls often provides them with glimpses into the energies of the past, which they use to guide themselves in their present lives. Their creativity is unmatched, making them become innovative experts in the field they are willing to master rather easily. That is why we see many indigos among tech geniuses of modern times. Multitasking is not an issue for them and one can often hear other people describing indigos as people with an infinite supply of energy who others enjoy spending time with.

- Kindness is their guiding principle

Indigo children are natural people magnets. Their positivity is contagious; they are the support you turn to when you’re feeling down and who believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. They are born leaders and mentors who value the voices of everyone, even those that can’t be heard by others. The vegan movement is close to their hearts since they treat the animals with respect and are against doing them any harm. Spending time in nature is an essential part of an indigo’s lifestyle. They need to feel the warmth of the sun kissing their skin, the sound of the wind calming down the storms within, and exchange energies with everything that lives, breathes, or moves.

Involving others in all their adventures goes without saying for indigos. For them, there is something magical in a lifelong friendship with someone you can learn from and who can learn with you. If they feel shunned by their current environment, they tend to retract or leave, with big dreams on their minds and courageous ideals in their hearts. An indigo child is not a person who could do a “9 to 5” job in a cubicle on the 16th floor of an old skyscraper. An ideal routine for them isn’t a routine at all! It’s a lifestyle that opposes everything the consumerist capitalistic culture stands for. Who some see as bohemian unconventionalists are spiritual wanderers full of enthusiasm, constantly working on their passion project, or searching for the next great one.

- Our teachers for the life of virtue

The classical philosophical schools describe an ideal human as a being who seeks universal knowledge and lives to apply the ideals of virtues into their everyday life as accurately as possible, accepting the flaws along the way and not giving up on the pursuit of deeper meaning in life. And that is just who the indigo person is: someone not settling for the ordinary. Integrity is at the core of everything they do. Being bold is the only way in which they can exist, harnessing wisdom from everyone and everything along the way. If you feel that you might be an indigo child yourself, pause and smile. Take some time to appreciate your unique skill set and an even more outstanding soul. It’s never too late to realize that feeling like you want more from life is not a sign of your inability to fit in, but of the perfect ability to stand out.