The Secret Space Program - Cosmic Disclosure On The Clandestine Activities Of Galactic Exploration


The US National Disclosure Policy states that classified military information should be kept a secret unless there is a clear advantage for the US to disclose it. In the recent years, more and more ‘whistleblowers’ have been coming forth, sharing some pretty remarkable stories of their involvement in a US Secret Space Program (SSP). They advocate that a Full Space Disclosure is coming our way. Could their claims be true?


“Our primary interaction was with a sentient Insectoid species and a sentient indigenous Reptoid species,” Randy Cramer, aka ‘Captain Kaye’ explains on the Kev Baker show. “But it’s such a long story... ”

Accounting for the 17 years that Cramer allegedly spent on Mars would make for a very long story indeed but Cramer is more than happy to share it with anyone who’ll listen. According to his testimony, he was drafted into the SSP by the US Marine Corps (USMC) even before he was born, thanks to his supreme genetic material that can be traced back hundreds of years to famous historical leaders who endured 'high-powered mind-body experiences' in their time. He claims to be the only ‘whistleblower’ who has the full backing from USMC to disclose his story, in their preparation for a Full Space Disclosure over the next few years.

On his space missions, Cramer saw pretty much everything. An enormous five-story space ship that transported him from the base of the Moon to Mars through a ‘wormhole’. The headquarters of the Mars Defense Force (MDF), built by the combined forces of the USA, Germany, Russia, and China. Not to mention lots and lots of aliens.


Corey Goode is another advocate for a full disclosure and warns people of a solar flash that is coming our way, designed to lead humanity into ‘ascension’ or a higher state of awareness and understanding. This could be good or bad news, depending on where your consciousness is at the moment. He also talks about The Sphere Alliance - a union by the '6-9th Density Group of Beings' that are here to aid humanity through this process. They’re here to share a simple yet powerful message - we must love and forgive ourselves and those around us, raising our vibrational frequency and that of the entire planet.

When evaluating stories of this magnitude, it’s only natural to stay on your guard and look at what the critics say. One skeptic, known as DelMarvel, has looked at Cramer’s memories as they have evolved over time, finding inconsistencies. Cramer claims that his memories were wiped and he underwent a kind of ‘reverse aging’ process, eventually being transported back in time to the same year that he left Earth. He suffered from PTSD for ages, and it wasn’t until he underwent a kind of spiritual ‘exorcism’ that his memory started coming back.

He turned to Eve Lorgen, a hypnotherapist who specializes in coaching those affected by paranormal and anomalous trauma, for help. She has recorded some of Cramer’s early experiences in this interview back in 2006. There isn’t a single mention of his life on Mars, now part of Cramer’s main story.

DelMarvel also notes that this narrative change only occurred after years of “verifying and cross-referencing” his accounts with other abductees and ‘whistleblowers’ and undergoing extensive and questionable hypnotherapy sessions with Lorgen. Youtube’s Hoax Hunter has taken a humorous approach to sharing his skepticism. Apparently, Cramer’s narrative sounds a lot like the first three films of Starship Troopers. The Youtuber Joe from Carolinas also pulls Cramer’s story apart in detail, concluding that it’s “total BS.”

On a more serious note, there seems to be a lack of any hard evidence to support Cramer’s claims. What’s concerning is how many people have praised Cramer for coming forth and sharing his story, willing to donate to his Earth Consulting services, without making any real attempt to question his claims or motives.


But what about Goode’s story? He also claims that he was ‘age-regressed’ back to the age of 17, even though he’d already turned 60 by the time he completed his space missions. Teresa from Divine Frequency conducted a recent interview with Goode and with his wife, both of whom she met at the ‘Contact in the Desert’ event, concluding that they’re nice, regular people. In her interview, Stacy talks about how she needed to go outside for a cigarette just to process things every time new alien stuff came up. And that with his message of becoming more loving and forgiving - who can fault that? Goode seems like a good guy.

But the issue boils down to evidence again. There are no photos of the Blue Sphere aliens who apparently visit him a lot, no ex-classmates to back up his claim of having been picked up in a white van to be transported to top-secret space training, and an evident hostility towards the skeptics. But just because Goode’s story may be somewhat fabricated doesn’t mean that there isn’t an actual SSP. In fact, Goode and Cramer have been criticized for ‘muddying the waters’ for the real SSP research.


According to a metaphysical text called The Law of One that was supposedly channeled by L/L Research, different governments had built secret bases on the Moon as early as 1981. David Wilcock discusses this at length on one of the Cosmic Disclosure series on Gaia TV (co-hosted with Goode, so watch your backs). And those structures in our skies that we believe to be satellites? Well, those may just be tools that alter the frequency of our planet, causing extreme weather patterns and a right storm in our minds.

The Australian author Dr. Michael Salla talks about his findings on the Cosmic Disclosure series, too. After years of research, he’s published several books that all talk about the SSP. He presents an interesting idea called ‘soft disclosure’. It is a way of introducing UFOs, ETs and the ‘actual space events’ to the public using popular media, with shows like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica leading the way.

He links these shows back to the American producer Leslie Stevens IV whose dad was an admiral in the US Navy and who would, therefore, be familiar with the US Navy’s SSP. The goal of ‘soft disclosure’ was to plant a seed of these exopolitical ideas into the mass consciousness so that the public would be ready to back the US Navy’s SSP, should such a need arise (for example, if a serious threat was being posed by the Artificial Intelligence). Dr. Salla also talks about the Nazis being on the Moon, resembling the 2012 film Iron Sky. Is this ‘soft disclosure’ at work?

What are we to make of all this? There are so many space disclosure stories out there that sifting through them could take a lifetime. Many of them seem to lack in hard evidence, with the ‘whistleblowers’ somewhat unwilling to engage with critics in healthy ways. There is a need for real investigative journalists to come forth and look into these claims - after all, there may be a grain of truth in them.

In the meantime, when faced with a ‘friendly Blue alien visitation story’, ask yourself - if they wanted the world to believe in their message, why would they mind having their picture taken?